Are you looking for:
                         * a Leadership Training Seminar for your church or team?
                         * a guest speaker for your next event?
                         * a powerful monologue from a Bible character?

                         * a Classic Rock Musical based on the life of Jesus?
                         * Magic?
                         * Juggling?
                         * Comedy?
                         * Impressions?  

Here's what people are saying:

"Great energy, passion and knowledge of subject matter."

"Good at getting class participation."
"Thank you for your honesty and transparency."

"You delivered an important message in an exciting and encouraging way."
"Very good program, multi-dimensional."
"I appreciate how you use different techniques in presenting."
"Great topic and insight."
"Wonderful presentation.  Very informative and entertaining."
"Extremely well done and liked the way you interacted with the group."

These are a few of the things that are possible. Contact me for more details. 

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